Why I move forward (or die trying)?

Not in any specific order: I’m a person, a mom, a wife, a non-practicing scientist, a child, a PhD, and a subtle cleaning freak.

I’m blessed with a wonderful family but I’m stuck. I’m stuck in a place I don’t like to live in and I’m stuck in a job i really, but really, don’t like.

But i like lots of other things and I miss being creative and I miss being passionate about something. So, I’ll kill two “angry” birds with one stone and start a blog! What about? Whatever the day will bring…

English is not my first language, I’m sure my posts are going to suffer from overuse of exclamation points!!!! overdose of  sentences starting with “so…” and ending with….

So, 2012 is almost here and I want it to be a really good year…


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